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The rolling plains and parklands of the south contrast sharply with the rugged wilderness of Saskatchewan's north. However, the fishing experiences can be just as challenging and rewarding.

The area offers four provincial parks, all of which offer access to sport fishing. Or you can use on of the many regional parks, private campgrounds and resorts as your home base.

Some challenging waters in the Yorkton area are Duck Mountain Provincial Park, Good Spirit Lake, and the Fishing Lakes of the Qu'Appelle Valley. These lakes are easily accessible and offer a host of other recreational opportunities such as trail riding, golfing and camping.

The most abundant species of fish in our area are northern pike, yellow perch and walleye. The pike is considered one of the fiercest and most thrilling of all fresh water game fish. It prefers shallow weed areas and can be caught in spring and fall.

Yellow perch come in colours ranging from bright greens and golden browns to oranges and yellows. They are most appreciated for their fine flavour and the possibility of large catches.

Walleye traditionally prefer deeper waters, but are distributed throughout Saskatchewan. The walleye gets its name from the milky color of its eyes. These are the finest eating fish to be caught in the province. The largest of their kind was caught north of Yorkton at Tobin Lake in 1997. It weighed 8.21 kg (18.06 lbs).